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Classes and Events

Have you ever seen a developing photograph come to life in the studio? The first details, the complete composition and then....BAM!!!  Art. So too with our exciting and fulfilling classes. We have noted some of the classes below together with some of the art that our beaders have created. We can accomodate private lessons, classes of up to 20, special projects or a busy schedule. Have you seen a pair of earrings in a store or on tv that you would love to make? Yes you can! We have a fun amd fulfilling class that will teach you. At the bottom of this page, we list other classes offered, in addition to the classes pictured below. Call us at 973-783-0030 to reserve your date with fulfillment. All classes are $35, plus beads and materials.

          Beading Basics
       A comprehensive introductory class, this is essential learning for the beginning beader. Here you will learn about tools and                          materials and how to use them to create art that is wearable. You will create basic earrings and necklaces in your own design and              learn how to blend color, texture and shape into a harmonious balance. This lesson will greatly enhance your ability to create your own        designs.   



     Columbia Link Bracelet
 Learn how to create intricately wrapped beaded designs using wire and stone or wire and metal beads. This  class will teach you how          to arefully wrap and embellish wire designs.  You will learn shapes and techniques for making your own wraps to add cachet to your            creation. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced wire workers as well as for Mom and her teen (or friends) who want to          wear something similar but which is one-of-a-kind.


Kumihimo Bracelet  

Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique that has become incredibly 
popular recently, and once you attend this class and see the             results, you'll understand  why. Kumihimo braiding has an incredibly intricate effect but is simple to complete given the proper                   tools. You will learn how to  braid  some stunning accessories as you work your way through this class.                                                                                                                                        

                           Cuff Bracelet
                             A cuff bracelet is a piece of jewelry that goes around the mid-arm as a fashion statement with an urban edge.These are                                                    commonly given as gifts. Learn how to make a loved one and yourself smile with joy as you flaunt  your homemade art.

                                 Illusion Necklace  

In this class you will  make a beautiful two-strand floating bead necklace using colored threads and a variety of shaped beads.This is                               a simple but very elegant necklace you will want to wear at  every opportunity. Its elegance will complement any apparel or                                                 occasion.          

                      Multi-Strand Necklace

    Looking to create a different look from that simple, single strand necklace?  You can  learn the techniques of multi-stranding. We                         will teach you to use Cones, special clasps, wiring techniques, how to measure appropriate lengths and how to assemble it all and take                   your necklaces  to an elegant new level. This a great class in which to make use of a lot of your miscellaneous beads!  So come  and                       bring  your special beads with you to create a treasure.

  Tri-Cord Knotting

    In this class you will learn to knot your pearls or beads to give it that professional, finished look. The Tri-cord knots will keep your             beads from rubbing against each other and lets your creation drape nicely.  Knots also add to the length of your necklace, so                     you don't  use as many pearls or beads.



                  Chandelier Earrings


                  Are you obsessed with your chandelier earrings? Well here’s another great inspiring pair to make. These stunners are made  of wire                     wrapped crystals and chain. Such a fab design you won’t ever want to take them off. You’ll practice rolling your headpins (sounds wild,                   doesnt it?) and learn a creative wire wrapping technique!


                 Peyote Stitch Earrings

                We teach the peyote stitch, also known as the gourd stitch, is a bead weaving technique They can be woven as flat                        strips, in a round shape or as a tube.. Tubular peyote can be used to decorate bottles or to make pouches. Many                            cultures around the world have used peyote stitch in their beadwork, including the ancient Egyptians and widely, in                      Native American  beadwork. This class may create an addiction.

                                                       In addition to the classes above, we offer classes to teach beeaders to make:

                                                       Bracelets                                           Necklaces                                           Specialty
                                                        * Charm                                                * Wire wrap                                       * Rosary Prayer beads
                                                        * Spiral cage                                         * Chain and bead                                *Tasbih Prayer beads
                                                        * Peyote stitch                                     * Chakra                                             * Mala beads
                                                        * Chain Maille                                        * Crossover                                        * Waist beads
                                                                                                                                                                                * Wire wrap rings

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